Firetip-X is designed to be an intuitive,easy to learn trading platform, but with all of the features you need and expect to make your trading a success

Bracket Orders

Simple Bracket The "Simple Bracket" is an order strategy where you place an initial opening order. If that order is filled then a stop-loss and profit target are ... stop or even engage in a "place it and walk away" strategy where the Firetip servers automatically handle the management of your order if the opening order is filled.

Powerful Charts

Firetip’s powerful charts provide numerous indicators and charting capabilities, along with the ability to trade and monitor your positions from the chart itself. Add the custom trend lines and pointers that support and define your individual trading strategy.

Risk Management

RISK FIRE. BROKER WEB. ADMIN FIRE. Offers the most sophisticated and cost-effective risk management tools in the industry. Straight forward risk settings in ... allows broker and other fiduciaries the ability to manage multiple client accounts and provide real-time account information and fully integrated with the FireTip ...

Message Notification

Send message notification to your customer base, change privileges, and control trading .Increase in trading volumes and usages of trading application by large groups of trades needs to be effectively monitored and managed to mitigate risk.Certigo provides a fully customizable admin user interface to manage.

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