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The All-New Firetip X Trading Platform

Trade Any Device

The same experience for all devices.    Trade using Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, or any browser. 

Cloud Based

Save your desktop workspace (supports 16 monitors) and use or change it on your tablet or phone.

Charts Redefined

Chart formulas and data that give you an edge, not just the same trade bars and indicators as your trading competition.

Build Your Own

Write your own formulas and apply to quote boards, charts, or trading algorithms.

Our Latest Features

Custom Formulas

Create custom formulas and apply them to a chart (as an indicator), quote board, depth of market, or order entry. 

Trade Anywhere

Create in the cloud. Save your workspace on your desktop and use the same exact workspace on your mobile device or tablet. 

Power Trade

Professional-grade charting, analytics, and order entry. Ultra-low latency, unfiltered market data.

The all-new Firetip X is a full-featured professional-grade trading platform. 

Designed for traders that demand reliability and high performance, Firetip X incorporates the features & speed to better facilitate your trading. Firetip X is designed to be an intuitive, easy-to-learn trading platform, but with all the features you need & expect to make your futures and options trading a success.